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Smart  Wellness 


A Physical Wellness Studio in the heart of South Wiltshire, Tisbury. We deliver a range of services and products to help you be the best you can be.  To support your health, wellbeing and vitality we have everything covered...  move better, feel better, look better, be better.



Monthly Massages / Facials

help you put a spin in your step and a glow all around - Feel better. 

Fortnightly Nails

We can also arrange for you to have your nails done, pretty nails gives us confidence which is still a big part of how we feel - Look better.

Weekly Yoga

Stretch and Strengthen with our small guided classes and get some head space, be present and Mindful.

2 / 3 x Week Reformer Pilates

we focus on control and alignment in all of our classes, with many clients come in two to three times a week, they only do this because they can feel the difference it makes to their wellbeing - Move better.

As Required Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is for specific injuries and niggles, we assess and diagnose and deliver a treatment programme with hands on mobilisations and some times some rehabilitation pilates to make you pain free - Be better

yes we are expanding, more Pilates, more 1/2/1 treatments and more space for strength and conditioning.


You don’t have to believe us, see what one of our clients wrote here, she happens to be a journalist and wrote about us in one of her many articles at  ithestylist - how pilates changed my life....


If you would like to hear about what is going on at the studio then please join us below.

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