for the wellness generation

for the wellness generation

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Evolve with our new facial

Studio Zest would like to introduce you to Laura Rudoe.

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Laura is the founder of Evolve Organic Beauty and S5 - the new beauty ranges we are introducing.

We chose Evolve because of their award winning products, which are made from the finest, most effective natural and organic food based ingredients.

They’ve been developed by Laura and a team of artisans with over 30 years natural formulation experience. Lovingly handmade in small batches at their studio in Hertfordshire to ensure the freshness of the precious antioxidants in the natural oils, butters and extracts. Not only that, but they’re also vegan, cruelty free and eco friendly.

Why Evolve Do What They Do

Laura believes it is time for beauty to evolve. That society is coming full circle and realising that choosing natural ingredients is better for us and our world. 

Laura says: “I know that when formulated well, natural and organic skincare is just as effective as synthetic alternatives. I want you to experience the joyful everyday moments of using our products with their uplifting scents, delicious textures and effective results. Be part of the beauty evolution.


Green Science

Evolve choose ‘green science’, the power of plants, over the synthetic alternatives you will find in many mass produced cosmetics and toiletries. 

Laura and Violaine in their development team together have over 30 years experience in formulating the most effective natural products. 

The products are not just a pretty face, as they also select active natural ingredients such as their coconut peptides, natural hyaluronic acid, natural retinols from rosehips and our silicone-free hair serums.

They Care

The company cares about the world and this reflects in all their principles: they use recyclable glass and card packaging, our PET bottles are made of 75% recycled plastic and are recyclable, our products are 100% vegan, our ingredients are 100% cruelty-free and we buy natural and organic ingredients from as close to home as possible and from fair-trade and sustainable sources.


Evolve’s green credentials, and the way they look at their impact on the world, is a big reason we wanted to include the products at Studio Zest.

Plus, the products have a divine smell and we’re in love with their radiant glow organic face mask, which includes cacao - it’s like taking heated chocolate and smearing it over your face!

Get in contact if you’d like to try it out - plus, we’ve got a special offer running through June so facials are only £30!!

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