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Benefits Of Hot Yoga And Why Infrared Is The Hot New Trend!

Blog post by Studio Zest’s Louisa Jackson:

I was hooked on Hot Yoga from the very first class. No matter it left me sweaty and exhausted, it also made me feel exhilarated and my body stretched in a way it hadn't ever been stretched before!


For me, with muscles that are tight and unyielding, the heat means I can reach poses I never thought possible. Sophie, the Studio Zest yoga teacher, creates a safe environment for beginners to test out the benefits and also pushes those more experienced. 

So, what are the benefits? Why opt for Hot Yoga over any other type? 

  • You feel the heat! Yes, you may think getting sweaty is a little gross, but sweating is actually good for you because you eliminate toxins from your body. Some believe it's the actual sweating that will get rid of the toxins, but others say it's the amount of water you need to drink after to rehydrate that really gives you the natural detoxifying effects. Either way, I always think my skin feels cleaner after a session.

  • Flexibility. As I mentioned earlier, the warmth of a hot yoga studio can help your muscles relax. In fact, studies have found those who took the heated classes had increased flexibility in their hamstrings, lower back and shoulders.

  • You could burn more calories due to an increased heart rate and metabolism.

  • Then, of course, there’s the mental wellbeing. The breathing exercises and repeating of the poses is like a meditation for me, and brings me back into my body, aware of what’s going on inside. 

Plus, Studio Zest has an extra bonus - the infrared heat we use to warm the studio area. Unlike traditional heat, it warms the body from the inside. Which means you feel your body get really hot, rather than just the area around you.

Infrared also:

  • Is 15-20% more effective at eliminating toxins.

  • Improves energy and circulation 

  • Reduces tension

  • Increases metabolism

  • Activates cell renewal and helps wound healing

  • Source of vitamin D without the harmful rays from the sun

So, why not take some time out for yourself, and join in with one of our Studio Zest classes!

We have classes on a Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. You can find the full Flow Studio Timetable here:

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