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for the wellness generation

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Men, it's time to talk skincare Zest style!

Gone are the days when men didn’t feel they were allowed to take skincare seriously.  In fact, men’s beauty is now BIG business.  

The male focused personal care industry is predicted to hit $166 billion by 2022, according to Allied Market Research. And, just last year, men’s skin-care products alone saw a more than 7% jump in sales and with the category currently valued at $122 million – that’s from market researcher NPD Group.

The stigma of a man having a beauty regime seems to be reducing - at last!

Male Manicure.jpg

There are some differences between the skin of men and women – male skin tends to be about 20-25 per cent thicker and often produces more oil, plus in some cases there is shaving to consider too.

There’s grooming, hair removal, shaving, eyebrows, nose and ear hair tidying, nail care and facials. Most of these things men used to do at home, where no one could see, but not any more.

Here at Studio Zest we’re seeing more and more men coming to us for treatments.

Microdermabrasion – With men’s skin often dehydrated, this treatment is great for getting rid of the dead skin cells and treating sun damage. That’s as well as targeting those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.

Environ – What’s great about our Environ treatments is that they are unique to the individual. So, we take a look at what your skin really needs and tailor a package specifically for you using skincare products but also supplements to help from the inside. We’re having a free Environ Skin Analysis Day on July 16th, so you can get to see exactly what your skin looks like under the camera – and which areas need targeting.

New Evolve range – For all the eco-men out there, this is the one for you! Evolve make all their products using organic, natural ingredients, and all their packaging is recyclable. Being organic you may not see results immediately, but it’s about making small improvements to ‘evolve’ your skin. And, don’t forget we’ve got a promotion running throughout June, where our new Evolve facial is only £30!!

Male pedicures and manicures – We all notice hands. They are on show all the time, so why not make sure they’re looking nice? Who wants to see dirty nails?! And, with summer nearly here, why shouldn’t everyone be able to pamper those feet that have been hidden away for the last six months!

Deep tissue or relaxing massages – Not only will these ease those aches and pains, massage is also wonderfully relaxing and de-stressing. So, whether you need a regular treatment or a little pampering, we’ve got it covered.

Waxing – If super smooth is your thing, then why not try waxing? More men are trying this option. Whether it’s chest, back, arms, toes or fingers – we can do it all here!

If you’d like to try a treatment - or perhaps buy a voucher for the special man in your life - then give us a call to book on 01747 870 853, or drop in to see us.

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