for the wellness generation

for the wellness generation

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Our reflexology treatment starts with a relaxing foot cleanse, followed by a balancing pressure point foot treatment. Focusing on a range of points within the feet that specifically correspond to areas in the body. With the stresses of daily life reflexology is the perfect pause to take some time for yourself to truly unwind.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is based on similar principles to acupuncture. Our bodies are mapped by channels of energy, or Qi (Chi) though out the body. We feel pain, or generally unwell, when the flow of that energy is blocked in some way. By putting pressure on parts of these channels, the therapist helps the blockage disperse encouraging the energy to flow freely again. This in turn brings us back into good health, a sense of balance and well-being, which stimulates our body's own healing responses.

What are the benefits of reflexology?

Many people go to see a reflexologist as they might go for a massage: to help with their general health, and to make them feel relaxed and calm.

  • back pain and muscle strain

  • sports injuries

  • stress

  • anxiety and depression

  •  greif 

  • sleep disorders

  • poor circulation

  • irritable bowel syndrome

  • migraine

  • pre-menstrual tension

  • symptoms of the menopause

Reflexology is £42

(Special offer during April 2019 50% off)

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