For the Wellness Generation

For the Wellness Generation

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Strength & Conditioning at Studio Zest

Strength & Conditioning at Studio Zest

We’ve been busy over the summer here at Zest HQ, with completion of the new Flow Studio renovations and recruiting two new Strength & Conditioning Coaches.


We are delighted to welcome Chloe and Harry to the team. I’ve asked both of them if they could please give a bio and brief description on the new classes we are offering here:


Boxercise is an engaging and endorphin releasing class that utilises a combination of boxing style fitness with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) protocols. This class is ideal for improved fitness and weight loss, and is for all ages and abilities


This session will be completely dedicated to the individual. A consultation for the first session will be completed to discuss smart goals and what the individual wants to achieve in their sessions. These smart goals will consist of long term, and short term realistic goals, to keep the individual motivated. Progress will be logged each week to keep track of the individuals goals. The classes will be aimed at all individuals, from enhancing mental and physical well-being, increasing mobility and flexibility, toning up, fat loss, rehabilitation, and sports specific strength & conditioning classes.

Both our coaches are vastly experienced who have experience of training athletes from different domains, and anyone wanting to achieve their fitness and or body gaols.


Studio zest is now offering a new strength class for woman. There are many benefits to Strength training, including the enhancement of mental and physical well being, decrease of injures, enhances bone density, muscles growth, and studies have shown that resistance training also increases the resting metabolic rate by 5% . This means that you will keep burning calories even when you have finished working out. A variety of equipment will be used including, trap bar, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, cardio machines, proprioceptive equipment and much more!! Each week the individuals progress will be monitored of weights used in the class, so each week they will be improving and pushing themselves to new levels.


Mens lifting is a small group session where participants work at a progressive and challenging training programme that is periodised under the supervision of a Strength & conditioning coach. Ideal for improvements in strength, power, mobility and overall health.


A strength & conditioning class using a range of equipment including the versa pulley, TRX, the viper, kettle bells and olympic lifting platforms. As well as this we will use a range of cardio machines to give you an intense 1 hour work out.

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